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Inventory: CSV stock uploader
Inventory: CSV stock uploader

Import stock inventory with CSV

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CSV Stock Uploader

This CSV stock uploader is a tool that allows you to upload or edit release listings to your Common Ground inventory in bulk using data fetched from Discogs.
Discogs inventory export files are compatible with this tool.

In the CSV file, the mandatory columns to fill are release_id and price. Once uploaded, data is retrieved to automatically fill the release information and create or edit a listing.

Download the CSV template file to get started :

After Choose File, a preview of all titles scheduled for upload will appear along with a list of errors (if any). This allows you to amend and make any final edits before Submitting the upload job.

categories: Your personalized category

listing_id: if you wish to edit a specific listing after an inventory export, this field is required

status: whether the listing must be published, private or as a draft status

one_per_customer: whether you allow users to buy multiple copies of that listing in a basket (must be TRUE or FALSE)

prevent_discogs_listing: wether you want that listing to be auto-listed on Discogs when stocks are available or not (must be TRUE or FALSE)

buy_price: the buy price of that listing

compare_price: the previous price. That price is displayed crossed next to the actual price on the e-shop when given

media_condition: the media condition (Mint (M), Very Good Plus (VG+), etc)

sleeve_condition: the sleeve condition

public_comment: the eventual public comment that will be displayed on Discogs and on the button on the E-shop

private_comment: a comment that is displayed on listings in the Inventory. For internal purposes.

external_id: An ID other than Discogs, for that release

location: The location where the listing is stored

supplier: The supplier for that listing

genres: Genres as a comma separated list

styles: Styles as a comma separated list

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